Magazine Madness: April Edition


What one is for you? If your limited to one mag a month you wanna pick the right one!

Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire have to be three of the biggest women’s monthlys in the UK and they don’t disappoint this month.

On the cover of Cosmo we have the stunning Holly Willoughby and inside it is classic Cosmo for its 40th birthday.

Top picks for my must have categories are as follows:
Style: Questions are answered by the Cosmo style squad. Definatly a good read if you question fashions.
Shoes: I wouldn’t say the is anything specific about shoes but what it lacks in this category it makes up for in others.
Beauty: Colour Crush: The return of bold lips and bright eyes.
Hair: there is nothing specific for this category but it’s no big loss.
Sex and Relationships: This mag is the queen of sex and relationships and I don’t think any mag will beat it.
My top sexy Cosmo pick is the sex therapy section but with a wide range of other sexy topics its worth it if sex tickles your fancy.

Next up we have Glamour Magazine.
This is Britians Number 1 magazine and it’s e cheapest of the bunch at only £2. Gracing the cover of this months mag is Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games. There are two cover choices and a choice of 4 free gifts.

Style: Keep That Shirt On: 6 ways to rework a staple shirt. great for those who want to mix it up a little bit more with staple items like the shirt.
Shoes: If this is all you want your mags for then this isn’t the mag for you but it makes up for it with its style and beauty sections.
Beauty: With this issue you get a free awards season beauty guide and it’s great. It gives you tips on award season trends and those must have make up items
Hair: The beauty guide is great for hair tips though and how to achieve those celeb styles. This is defiantly the magazine for you if you want hair and beauty tips.
Sex and Relationships: If you want a mans opinion, this mag has got it. 2 men give their opinions of sex and love.

Lastly we have Marie Claire and its the most expensive of them all at £3.70. Gracing the cover of this mag is Bel Ami star Christina Ricci. There are two covered to choose from but the mag remains the same.

Style: 101 ideas: Retro Prints. A great section if yo love to keep up to date with the must have trendy fashion times.
Shoes: a great article about Christian Louboutin’s 10 must have styles of shoe that every woman should own.
Beauty: Ask the beauty editors! I love these sections because its real peoples questions
Hair: a great couple of articles on hair, the best being the hair institute.
Sex and Relationships: Orgasms: a happy woman’s secret weapon. This is about a sexy as it gets.

Round up:
Cosmopolitan: best for those sexy secrets
Glamour: best for those beauty and hair tips
Marie Claire: best for those fashionable ladies who want the latest dos and donts in fashion.

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