MAC Haul

So, I recently paid a visit to the MAC store in Westfield Shopping Centre. I didn’t pick up to much but I did get a cream colour base in hush and two pro pan Eyeshadows in green smoke and club.

The shop was super hectic so whilst I would have liked to get some other products I just couldn’t be asked with the crowd so I grabbed what I knew I wanted and didn’t hang about to swatch anything else.

The two pan refills were £10 each.

Club is a gorgeous brown with green simmer running through it. It’s defiantly a gorgeous shade!

Green smoke is a glittery dark green colour. Another gorgeous shade. This shadow is my attempt at breaking away from brown and neutral tones. I didn’t want anything to extreme and I figured it was a good place to start.


I got the cream colour base to use as a highlighter. I have super dry, pale skin so I wanted something that worked well for both of those. It seems like this is going to be great. I actually tweeted liviesays asking for her recommendation and this is what she suggested so I decided to go for it.

I believe it was £14.50.



Thanks for reading
Sarah x (@sarahn19)


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