Review: Number 17 Ultimate Volume Lip Glosses

I have three of these glosses and I love them! I’ve done a little mini review for each shade but the whole thing is an overall review of the formula etc.

The Very Berry shade was part of a gift set they gave away at Christmas when your brought so much of their cosmetics range so I’m not sure if it available anymore. It’s a gorgeous dark shimmery red and it most definitely should be worn alone as it’s so pigmented, over lipstick it wouldn’t look right.

The Butterfly Cake shade is a beautiful light pink, with glitter running through it. It’s not big chunky glitter and you cannot feel it on your lips (well at least I can’t). I would say this has enough colour in it that it doesn’t need anything under it, but for a super intense colour you can add a lipstick underneath it.

The In The Nude shade is by far my favourite and is the shade that I go to everyday. I have a hard time wearing lipstick so I just stick to a good coloured gloss and this nude colour has just the right amount of shine, colour and glitter running through it for an everyday look.



The middle swatch is In The Nude Swatched for you all. I would give you a pic of the others but I don’t have them with me to take a picture.

Overall, these glosses are amazing. They have great pigmentation, you don’t need a lipstick underneath and they aren’t too sticky. The wand is just a generic doe foot wand which is okay, even though I prefer a brush. I think these, if they had a brush, would actually be the only lip product that I would use.

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Sarah x (@sarahn19)


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