A Face For £20! Makeup Challenge

With times as they are, spending money on fashion and beauty isn’t always possible. While it is not necessary, women and girls love to have a play with makeup. Well if you are on a budget, it is possible to look beautiful for less than £20. The products you can get on the high street, or in the ‘drugstore’ can be just as good or even better than higher end stuff so here is my suggestions for makeup for less than £20.

You should create a good base. This is where I would spend the most money, but still not too much. My suggestion is a BB cream. There are many on offer at the moment and you can get a variety on sale as they become more popular. My favourite is MUA BB Cream and it’s only £4.


Concealer is optional, and if you are blessed with perfect skin you can save money here but I still suffer from break outs and always go to my 2true 3 in 1 concealer, which is only £1.99.

I find that I need to set my makeup when I use this combination, so I grab my loose powder from collection 2000 in the translucent shade. It’s only £2.99.

So that is £8.98 on the base. Next I would choose products for the eyes. I love MUA, and the eyeshadows are the best quality I’ve found on the high street. The individual colours are only £1 and the 12 colour palettes are £4. You can also get the brilliant baked trios for £2.50. My go to trio is Innocence. You get just the right combination for a day to day look with a lovely lid colour, perfect dark colour to smudge into the crease and a beautiful highlight colour to lift the eyebrow and place near the tear duct.


Next up is eyeliner and I would always choose a Sleek Eau La La liner in black. It’s great on the water line and tight line and it looks brilliant smudged alone the lash line. These are £3.99 each. I know there are cheaper liners out there and if you want something even cheaper you can get them but these liners are super pigmented, really soft and great for all areas of the eye.

For blush, I would pick a natural collection cream blush. The shade is down to individuals’ preference, but at £1.99 they give a gorgeous barely there look on the skin. The blush is in a tube, and is great when applied with the fingers or with a brush. Of course, brushes are expensive (even the cheaper ones) so it’s great that you can apply it with your fingers and have it look good. Check out the link below for a review


Mascara, I hear you ask. Well this is where I found it tricky. Good mascaras are always expensive (even in the drugstores). I would love to say I would choose something like Max Factor False Lash Effect or L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes. To keep this under £20, I’m going to suggest something from MUA once again. They are not the best of the best mascara, but they are only £1 and they do stick on your lashes. They have fibres to lengthen your lashes, as well. They have black and brown so you can pick what you prefer but I would go with black.

We have made it this far and there is still some cash to spare. At £18.46, we have managed to create a nice foundation, a cute eye look and have a nice natural blush. What is left? Lips. This is where I can spend the most money. There are so many different products and colours that I could spend all day swatching them in the shop. I love everything from a sheer lipgloss to super pigmented lipstick, so it’s a hard choice to decide what to put here. Only having £1.54 to spend, I think I’ll pick a lipstick from MUA (I know I have picked a lot of this brand but it is amazing!) The lipsticks are £1, as are the lipglosses. If you want a lipstick, I would suggest either shade 14 or 4. If you want a lipgloss with a wand, try shade 1. If you want a lipgloss tube, try shade 3.

That gives you 54p left over! Maybe a nice sweet treat as well?

Other brands that are great on a budget include MUA, 2True, Natural Collection, ELF and NYX.

What products would you use on a budget? What brands do you always go to when you want excellent quality at a small price?


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