The Perfect Hold On Me! Top Hair Holding Treatments/Sprays

I have major issues with my hair staying in place, and I’m sure many people have the same issue. I have super thick frizzy hair, and it never staying in place. Too much hair spray makes it look gross and other products take away the volume and make it look greasy and gross.  Here are some suggestions for different hair types if you have issues like me.

For Heat Styling

For all hair types that are looking for heat protection as well as something to help style your hair try something like John Fredia Full Repair Style Creator Heat Activating Spray. It protects the hair but it’s also is super lightweight, gives a nice shine and improves the management of the hair and ensures that it doesn’t drop if you have an up do,

For Bouncy Curls

For people who want those perfect bouncy curls, try something like Garneir Fructis Styling Mousse for Curl Definition. It’s a great mousse for giving the curls that nice bouncy spring and it keeps them well formed throughout the day. It fights frizz and gives say to night staying power.

For Textured Volume

For people who have fine hair, and want to give it volume without the issue that can arise I would say try something like Ojon Thickening Spray.  I must admit that I haven’t tried this but I have been told that this is great for people with fine hair. It’s a spray gel that lifts flat or limp hair and it also gives a nice texture and shine to. Sometimes with things like this is can weigh your hair down, but I am told that this spray doesn’t do it.

For Everyone

Finally I will mention something that is considered a cult classic. L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray is probably the best hair spray that is a reasonable price. They offer so many different holds and finishes which makes it great for all hair types. I’m sure you’ve all seen the ads so I won’t go on but the different formulas and sizes makes it great for good hold on any hair.


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