Face Shapes: What Shape Are You?

This is the starter post in a little series that I’m doing. I think everyone thinks about whether a certain cut or style will suit them and I think a brilliant way to tell is to think about your face shape. I think it’s pretty obvious that certain cuts and styles fit certain face shapes more than others. So, to know if a style or cut is going to fit you, you need to know what your face shape is. That is what this post is for. I’m going to define the face shapes, and give you a few celeb examples so you can compare.

So, basically there are 6 face shapes that pretty much fit everyone. First off we have:

  • Round
    • Round faces generally keep their youthful appearance that bit longer than other face shapes (is that good or bad? You decide). A good example of a celeb with a round face is Gennifer Goodwin, star of Once Upon A Time.
  • Long
    • Long faces obviously are thinner and longer than faces that are round or oval. People with faces like this generally want to add volume to the hair to create an illusion or width. A great example of a celeb with a long face is the gorgeous singer Celin Dion.
  • Oval
    • Oval faces are generally the same at the top and the bottom. The middle of the face is wider than the top and the bottom, but overall it’s longer and thinner than a person with a round face. This face shape used to be considered the most beautiful but that’s changed now. A great example of a celeb with an oval face is Megan Fox.
  • Heart
    • Heart shape faces are larger around the forehead, and are pointier around the chin area.  The forehead is wider the rest of the face seems to taper into the pointy chin. Dakota Fanning and Carrie Underwood are amongst those with heart shapes face.
  • Square
    • Square faces are very angular and often the shape of super models faces. The plane between the chin and jaw is often very flat, creating the square shape.  Sandra Bullock is a celeb with a square shaped face.
  • Pear /Triangle
    • A pear shape face is pretty much self-explanatory. The top of the head is smaller than the bottom of the face, where it is a lot wider. Your forehead, cheeks and the area around your eyes are the slimmest part of the face, with the jaw area being the widest.  Renee Zellweger and Eva Mendes both have triangular faces.

Check back soon for more in this little mini-series! I’m going to do best and worst cuts and styles for each face shape, and brows for each face shape. I hope you enjoy? If you have ideas of styles that are great with certain face shapes, leave them in a comment below.


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