Round Faces: The Best and Worst Hair Sytles

If you have a round face, you want to avoid anything that is going to accentuate the roundness.  Read on to find out what haircuts are best for you, if you have a round face.

The Hit List:

  • Long Hair
    • Styles like this elongate the face, taking the emphasis of the roundness.

    Lauren Conrad Long Hair

    Lauren Conrad has the perfect long cut for a round face.

  • Long Side-Sweep Fringe

    • The longer fringe draws attention away from the things you want to hide

    Gennfier Goodwin Short Hair and Long Banfs

    Gennifer Goodwin pulls of a beautiful short cut with the help of long side sweeping bangs (or a fringe for all you in UK)

  • Uneven cuts
    • Try an uneven bob with longer sections going past the chin at the front.

    Tori Spelling Uneven Bob

    Tori Spelling shows how a person with a round face can wear a bob, by making the front longer than the back


The Miss List:

  • Centre Partings

    • They emphasis the fuller forehead that comes with a round face

    Kelly Clarkson Centre Parting

    Kelly Clarkson could have done better! The centre parting is doing here no favours at all.

  • Tight Curls

    • Natural waves can work, but tight curls add width to the face and that is something that people with a round face want to avoid.
    Annalynne McCord Tight Curls

    Annalynne McCord could have a better styles, these tight curls don’t do much for here


  • Short Layers

    • Layers can be great, but if you have layers that are cut in shorter than you chin they aren’t going to suit a round face

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