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So, today I bring you the first in a series that will be ongoing on this blog! I’m am super nosey, and love to get to know people behind blogs better. So this is my opptunity to share some of my favourite bloggers and get to know them all a little better. Today, we have blogger number one and it’s a lovely girl called Kirsty!

Pretty Little Fashionista is a relatively new blog run by 16 year old Kirsty. She has just finished her GCSEs and is using her free time to blog and relax. Whilst still new at blogging she enjoys it immensely and agreed to do this little interview to help you all get to know her a little better.

Kirsty from Pretty Little Fashionista

Me: What is your blog centered around?

Kirsty: My blog is centered mainly around beauty and fashion

Me: Why did you decide to get into blogging

Kirsty: I had been reading many different blogs for quite a while and I thought that if I could do it why can’t I. So, I set up my blog.

Me: How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Kirsty: It got its name because I love the show pretty little liars (hence the pretty little part) and I love fashion. Pretty Little Fashion didn’t sound right so I decided to use Fashionista as it was much catchier.

Me: What’s your favourite part about blogging?

Kirsty: I love so many things about blogging such as taking the pictures and trying out new products but my favourite thing is reading and replying to comments that I get. There are so many nice people out there and it is so nice to get such lovely comments.

Me: And what would be your least favourite part?

Kirsty: I think my least favourite part is the time that it takes to upload pictures to blogger. I don’t know if it’s my laptop or just blogger but when I want to add a picture to my blog it takes a while to upload.

Me: Is there anything you would change about your blog, if you could?

Kirsty: I would love to make my blog look more professional. I am only a beginner so I don’t really know how to change the layout. I am learning so hopefully will be able to make a few appearance changes soon.

Me: Do you tend to buy high street and drug store products or save for higher end products?

Kirsty: I own very few high end products, mainly because we have very few high end shops near where I live. I also feel that you can get perfectly good products at affordable prices.

Me: Who is your style crush?

Kirsty: My crush would have to be either Lucy Hale or Ashley Benson. I just love what they wear in Pretty Little Liars. I also get fashion ideas out of magazines and most of my makeup ideas come from people’s blogs and youtube channels, as I love watching and reading makeup tutorials.

Me: Do you tend to do your own thing with makeup and fashion or do you keep up with the trends in magazines and try to stick to them?

Kirsty: I tend to do my own thing with fashion but I follow makeup trends mainly because I read so many blogs. It’s hard not to follow what other people are doing. I do read a lot of magazines, and I do get some inspiration from them but I usually but clothes because I like them rather than because they are in fashion.

Me: What is your holy grail makeup product?

Kirsty: My holy grail make up product is my concealer. I wear it most days and I just love the way it makes my face look.  I know most bloggers say this but I love the way it brightens up my face and it gives me more confidence.

Me: What can’t you leave the house without?

Kirsty: I can’t leave the house without my phone or my lipstick. I am obsessed with lipsticks and I would be completely lost without my phone.

Me: What are your favourite bloggers!

Kirsty: This is really difficult because I read so many blogs but my two favourites are Zoe from Zoella and Lousie from Sprinkle of Glitter. These were the two bloggers who really inspired me to start my own blog!

You can check out Zoe’s blog here:

You can check out Louise’s blog here:

Me: What are your favourite kind of posts to read?

Kirsty: I really like favourites, empties, hauls and OOTDs. I find these posts the most helpful and interesting to read.

Me: If money was no issue, what is the one designer item of clothing or accessory you would buy?

Kirsty: I love these shoes by Sergio Rossi.


Shoes Kirsty Lusts After

They are so pretty and I love the peacock feather on them.

Me: If money was no issue, what makeup brand would you splurge on? What products would you get?

Kirsty: Probably a lipstick from Chanel. They have some gorgeous shades. I love the shade Rebelle. (You can see that HERE!)


Thanks Kirsty for taking part! For a nosey so and so like me, it’s great to find out some new information on the people behind the blogs!  Please go and check out her blog (here) and follow her on Twitter! (Maybe give me a follow while you’re at it!)

If you want to take part in an interview! Or you want to guest post on my blog please email:

I’d love to talk with more bloggers for this section, but small businesses are totally welcome too!


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