The Cutest of Packages!

So, I got home from work the other day, to find a royal mail slip telling me I had something to pick up at the post office! I was a little confused because I didn’t remember ordering anything that I hadn’t already received. So, today I trotted off up the post office to collect my goodies and was shocked to see this little box awaiting a home.


This is what I first saw (minus the horrid black lines) I love you guys but there is no way you are getting my address anytime soon

From the address label I saw it was from Whats in my handbag! A Free site that you can sign up to to share whats in your bag and you get the opportunity to try some products (at least the way I understand it). I don;t think you always get what you apply for but I did get this one and I’m soooo happy.

Inside this little cute box was some tissue paper with a cute little personalized label with my name! (I love the little personal touches)

I love a personal touch, especially when it’s not paid for! Lovely


I opened the tissue paper (a little sadly because I didn’t wanna ruin it) and saw my cute little dry condition nestled in there.

Awww, it’s a little cute handbag size! I love it already. Even it doesn’t work

So, I’ll just give you a little first impressions bit here because I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I love the concept of a dry condition. I have super super dry hair and this appeals to me big time. I saw a little feature on these products in a magazine and thought it was  a great idea, now I’m super excited to try it.


I have to say that I don’t like the scent. I generally go with conditions that are super fruity and this just kind of doesn’t smell like anything you would want to put in your hair. But it didn’t last to long when I sprayed it into the air so hopefully it will be okay in my hair.


I love the size. I would totally throw this in my bag. (I wonder if you can buy it this size, any ideas?) I will do a review on this super soon after I have used it, but i hope i love it because it seems like it’s sooo good.



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