Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure | 540 Frutti Petutie


The Bottle

What Sally Hansen Says?

So, this polish is meant to be all 5 steps on a manicure in one bottle. A nail polish for those busy people, if you will. It has patented ‘Vita Care Technology (whatever that is), and it’s meant to be for long wear, shine and nourishment. They claim that you can compare it to your salon brand.

What I Say?

I’m not really a nail fanatic like some people. For one, I bite my nails (I know huge sin)  and two I would rather spend my money on an extra lipstick than a nail polish. However, I do pick up some every now and then and keep them in my collection when they come free in mags and beauty boxes. So, I cannot compare this to my salon brand, but it’s a nice polish! It wears for a decent amount of time, but I put a chip resistant top coat over so I’m not sure if it was the top coat or the polish. The colour is absolutely beautiful too. I’d say give it a go if you’re on the lookout for a perfect summer pink!

The Swatch

Extra Details

The bottle itself suggests that the user applies two coats (which I think is reasonable) on to clean and dry nails (duhh!) and then that you allow it to dry (Now is that really necessary to put on a bottle? Surly people clever enough to manage to purchase the product, realize they have to wait for it to dry. It’s like putting may contain nuts on a bag a nuts!)

You get a whopping great 14.7ml for the price (£6.99)


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