Review | Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish


What Collection 2000 Say?

Well, on the collection as a whole they claim that the bright colours are on trend, it’s a fast drying formula (for you girls on the go!) and a great high gloss finish. Not much more form Collection 2000, but does that say enough for you?

What I Say?

I think these are ok polishes. For the cheap price (£1.79), they are great. The colours aren’t that bright but they are cute. The shades that I have are Big Hair (red) , BMX Bandit (blue) and Lemon Soda (pale yellow). The blue and yellow separate really easy. These are a lot more creamy than the red, so maybe that has something to do with it. The yellow is by far the worst. I find this with all yellow shades, not just this one, but it takes at least three coats to get a good coverage without a super streaky finish. The first coat looks terrible! The blue is a little patchy, but totally workable. The red is the best, two coats and your good to go. The quick drying claim is semi true. It takes quite a while to dry, but not as long as others.

Extra Details

You get 8ml for your £1.79!  Pretty good, I would say. The bottle is cute and says that the product is  a fast dry nail polish with a high gloss finish. It suggests that you use a base coat and that two coats will give maximum colour intensity. The two coats is debateable for some shades but, it works for others.  I would go with 3 for the best coverage, so I’d always do that.


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