Blogger Focus | Daniella from Beauty in Japan

Beauty in Japan is a blog run by 19 year old blogger, Danniella. You can check out here blog here, and I highly suggest you do. It’s awesome!  We’ve exchanged a few emails and I got to know here a little better! Now, you can too!

> What’s your name? How old are you?

My name is Danniella and I’m 19!

> I’m a little nosy and always love to know a random fact about you, please tell us one?

Ooh, random fact? I have a very big obsession with Hello Kitty – my room is full of her!

> What is your blog centered around?

Mostly beauty reviews ~ with the occasional nails of the day!   I used to post beauty tips too but I’m not sure whether to carry that on…

A little side note from me here! Daniella if your reading you should carry on with the beauty tips!

> Why did you decided to get into blogging?

I love make up and I was constantly buying new products!   My boyfriend said I should do my blog and actually put it to good use and here we are!

> What is your favourite part of blogging?And what is your least favourite part?

My favourite part is getting messages from people saying that they love your blog ~ it makes me so happy! My least favourite part is the writer’s block and sometimes the not so nice comments!

> Is there anything you would change about your blog if you could?

The design!  At the moment I’m working on it a bit by a bit, but I wish it could look less boring and more me!

> Do you tend to save for higher end brands and designs or buy a few more items from drugstore brands and high street stores?

I buy both!   Sometimes cheaper stuff works better, but I usually go for higher end stuff as more research is done and more quality ingredients are used.   I also break out really bad with cheap make up!

> Who is your stylecrush? Who do you look to for fashion style and makeup ideas?

I love Katy Perry!  I think she is absolutely gorgeous!

> Do you tend to do yourown thing with makeup and fashion or do you keep up with the trends in magazines and try to stick to them?

I do my own thaaang.   I can’t even attempt some of the stuff I’ve seen on the catwalk!

> What is your holy grail makeup product?

MASCARA!  Benefit “They’re Real” is my favourite at the moment but I’m trying lots more!

Another side note from me! I love this mascara too and you should deffo check it out if your a little bit of a mascara whore like me :p

> What wouldn’t you leave the house without?

MASCARA!  I just feel naked without it.

> Who is your favorite blogger? Why do you love them?

I have two! Essie Button ~ she is so adorable and a genuine, lovely person.

MissBudgetBeauty – she’s from up North(!) and she is always brutally honest in her reviews and so helpful!   She also makes me laugh a lot over Twitter!

> What are your favorite kind of posts to read?

Reviews ~ I like seeing if they had a different opinion to me!

> If money was no issue,what is the one designer item of clothing or accessory you would buy?

A Chanel quilted handbag!

> If money was no issue,what makeup brand would you splurge on? What products would you get?

Benefit – Watts Up!  Cha Cha tint, Hervana, Bella Bamba, You Rebel, Porefessional, That Gal, They’re Real, Lemon Aid, Eye Bright!

Thanks Daniella for taking part! For a nosey so and so like me, it’s great to find out some new information on the people behind the blogs!  Please go and check out her blog (here) and follow her on Twitter! (Maybe give me a follow while you’re at it!)

If you want to take part in an interview! Or you want to guest post on my blog please email:

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