Boots Botanics | Rosewater Toning Spritz

I brought this on recommendation on Indie Queen Maz over on YouYube. I’ve seen the Caudalie Elixir all over blogs, but can’t afford something like that. She had tried the elixir, and said this was comparable so I thought I would try it.

It’s a 100% organic toning water, that comes in a spray bottle. A generous spritz of this after cleansing is meant to freshen skin, visibly tighten pores and remove the last traces of makeup! It’s also meant to make skin smoother (always a bonus!)

It smells like rose. I guess that’s no surprise because it is a rose water toner. Rose water is calming on the skin (which is great) but if you don’t like the smell of rose you probably won’t like this. I, myself, have never really liked the scent but for some reason recently I have been coming round to the scent and quite enjoy it now. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite, but it’s not horrid anymore, so that’s why I decided to give this a go!

I have used this to freshen up my makeup, and it works. It doesn’t make the makeup disappear, and it gives a nice dewy finish. I have also used this a toner. I have to admit that I have never really used a toner, so I don’t know if it does what it’s meant to but it’s nice on thee skin after taking my makeup off!

It’s not too bad of a price. It’s £4.99 and you get 150ml. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I will let you know!

Have you tried this? What do you think? 

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