Blogger Focus | Mayrim from MayT Essentials

MayT is a gorgeous 21 year old blogger from! Go check out her blog, and read on to find out about the blogger behind the blog!

1. My name is Mayrim, and I am 21 years old.

2. random fact! I do not eat pizza! haha my friends think I am weird for this!

3. what’s you blog about? My blog is centered around beauty and fashion, but always on a budget!  I love OOTD posts, haul posts, and beauty products reviews.

4. how did you blog start? My best friend was always looking after beauty products and beauty ideas.  She got me into this ‘fashion-beauty world’.  One day I just came with the idea, and that’s how my blog came into life!

5. Fave part of blogging? Least fave? My favorite part about blogging is getting to now other bloggers and their interests.  My least favorite part about blogging is definitely organizing the posts.

6. what would you change about your blog if you could? I wouldn’t change anything.  Not because I think my blog is perfect, but because if I change anything it would instantly stop being what I like.

7. do you tend to save for higher end prodcuts or get a few more drugstore items? I’m always looking for deals!! Not only with expensive products, but with drugstore products too!  Most of my higher end brands products are from eBay.  I just make sure to buy from a top rated seller, and that the items are brand new.

8. Style crush? My style crush of all the times is Lauren Conrad.  She always looks so pulled together, and effortlessly beautiful.

For fashion style I look after Nicole Richie, and Jessie from Seams for a Desire (  For makeup ideas I run after Pixiwoo (, and Jennifer Lopez.

9. do you follow trends or do your own thing? Most of the time I do my thing, haha!  I think that any trend looks better if you incorporate your own style on it.  Stick to colors, prints, and lengths; but, make it yours!

10. holy grail product? I would have to give that honor to concealer! With concealer I fix my under eye area, and my blemishes.  You don’t need foundation at all if you grab a good concealer!

11.  can’t leave the house without? My cellphone, wallet, and fresh SUGAR ROSÉ Lip Treatment.

12. fave blogger? This is the hardest question of them all!!! I love many bloggers out there I couldn’t just pick one!! I could recommend The Black Pearl Blog, Fash Boulevard (, Boho Vanity ( , and Seams for a Desire.

13. fave kind of posts? My favorite posts to read are makeup hauls, and OOTDs.

14. if you didn’t have a budget, what fashion item would your splurge on? I would have to say Winter Kate from Nicole Richie, and Alexander McQueen!!  Two of my favs!

15. if you didn’t have a budget, what makeup brands would you splurge on?  MAC, and benefit.  I would buy every single lipstick from MAC, and every single product from benefit.  I love MAC versatility, and I love the quality of benefit’s products.


Thanks Jodie for taking part! For a nosey so and so like me, it’s great to find out some new information on the people behind the blogs!  Please go and check out her blog (here) and follow her on Twitter! (Maybe give me a follow while you’re at it!)

If you want to take part in an interview! Or you want to guest post on my blog please email:


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