Could it be love?

Two facts need to be stated before we get into this post:

1)      I love a good body scrub. I’m always on the search for new now, no matter how good the previous one was I always think I’m going to find something better!

2)      The Mint and Tea Tree Original Source Shower Gel is my all-time favourite shower gel! It makes me feel super clean, cool and refreshed and it doesn’t dry out my skin at all!

So, now you know these you know why I’m so excited about this bad boy.


Original Source Mint and Walnut Super Scrub

This ‘Super Scrub’ was just sitting in the depths of Tesco warehouse or wherever they get your online shopping from when I put in a food order a couple of weeks ago! It was just awaiting my tender loving care, so I snapped it up for the great intro price of £1 and some random stranger shopped and sent it off to me with my potatoes and veg!

**Quick side note: Who doesn’t want that job? I would love to be the shopper that picks the stuff for other people! I love the shopping high, and you would get it without the pay-out. My cousin does it, and I’m close to begging her to swap jobs with me because mine is so shockingly shit (excuse the language) **

This Mint and Walnut scrub is totally vegan (always a plus) and it packed with 6898 crushed walnut shell bits! It’s got the fabulous mint scent from the shower gel just slightly less intense (it does get stronger as you rub it in which I love because I LOVE the smell) and it the walnut (the exfoliantes) don’t dissolve on contact with the bath water. That is the only reason I detest sugar or salt scrubs, I want the exfoliants to last not dissolve! It’s  totally abrasive enough for my liking, so it might just be love! I’ll let you know when I have used it some more!

Have you used this? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Could it be love?

  1. I have used this & absolutely love it! It smells so amazing, and I love this in summer because it feels so refreshing 🙂 So glad I have found someone else who loves this! Great post :)xx

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