First Impression | Boots Botanics | Intensive Moisture Mask

I am on a mission to find a combination of products that will work for my skin type. I often get break outs around my chin area (because of a variety of reasons) but the rest of my face is extremely dry. I get extremely dry patches that flake on my forehead, cheeks and just below my lips.

Most masks that I’m drawn to are usually anti-blemish and such like products but they are all very drying on my face so I don’t continue use! So, I have a different plan of action now. I’m going to try anti blemish moisturisers and things like that and use moisturising masks.

I picked up one on the recommendation of Daniella from Beauty in Japan! That’s the Sanctuary Moisture Boost Mask (more on that another time) and the other I brought because the Botanics range was on 3 for 2 and I had two products.

This mask is £4.59 for 75ml (is that good?). It contains all those natural goodies that the Botanics bits usually do and its main ingredient that’s meant to add moisture to the skin is honey. Honey is meant to add rich moisture to the skin. It has many traditional uses in drinks and other beauty products, but in this mask it’s used to bind moisture to the skin.

I usually just slap on  mask in the bath while I leave a conditioner on my hair so I never really prep my skin or anything but this specifies that it be used over cleansed skin (does anyone know if it would make a difference?) About 5 to 10 minutes later, you can take it off with a cotton pad. It also says you can pop a thin layer on and leave it on overnight (I think this is awesome, and will do this asap!)

I have tried this on my hand, and it doesn’t ‘set’ like some masks which I like. I hate that tightening feeling on my face. It’s almost like regular moisturiser as you can see in the picture.

It has a clean smell to it, which is great because I’m not a fan of scented masks.

I can only hope it does what it says on the tin! A deeply hydrating mask that quenches and rejuvenates the skin (I hope so) and it leaves the skin smooth, soft and supple! (I wish!)

Have you tried this? Is it any good?



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