The Cutest of… Hand Creams?

So, I was recently in my local Peacocks, checking out the bags with my mum. We picked up a couple (oopps, I’m meant to be on a spending ban) and went to pay. Sitting, waiting at the counter for one person to buy her was this little beauty!

I usually don’t use hand cream all that often but this just cried out to be brought. This little owl cam in blue or pink, and I just couldn’t let the pink one go by! I grabbed it before even looking at the price because even if it was terrible hand cream it would look darn cute on my dresser!

The hand cream isn’t all that good, but it does its job. It’s super thick, which I love, but it is sticky for a while after you use it which is not so great. The scent is also really sweet (like sickeningly so) but I don’t care. If I never use this hand cream again, I still have this cute little owl to sit cutely on my vanity! Yay!


What do you think? Do buy anything because it’s super cute?


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