Blogger Focus | Nicola from The Luna Lights

Nicola is the face behind The Luna Lights blog. She focuses on fashion (which I wish my blog had more of) and throws in a beauty post every now and then. Get to know here a little better right here!


Nicola from The Luna Lights


What’s your name? How old are you?

My name’s Nicola and I’m 22 years old (still can’t quite believe that myself).

I’m a little nosy and always love to know a random fact about you, please tell us one?

I used to go to a Majorettes dancing school and am still pretty snazzy with a baton!

What is your blog centred around?

My blog focuses mostly on fashion and my favourite posts are definitely my OOTD’s. However, I do love to throw in an odd beauty post and little snippets of my day to day life!

Why did you decide to get into blogging?

It actually took me a really long time to finally work up the courage to start my own blog. I had loved reading them for such a long time but thought “I could never do that!” Lately though, I realised that if it’s something I wanted to do then I should just do it, and that the only person holding me back was myself. And I’m so glad I made that decision J

What is your favourite part of blogging? What is your least favourite part?

Oooft, I have to choose just one thing?! I think my favourite thing is the opportunity and platform it’s given me to write, which is what I love to do most, and get feedback on it from all the lovely ladies in the community!

Fortunately I’ve not come across any negatives yet, but I’m sure there’s some out there.

Is there anything you would change about your blog if you could?

Well I’m still pretty new to the whole technical side of blogging and to be honest, it still baffles me haha! So I’d probably whip up a better header or a snazzier layout but for now I’m pretty content with what I have so far.

Do you tend to save for higher end brands and designs or buy a few more items from drugstore brands and high street stores?

I’m definitely a high-street/drug-store girl! I feel like when it comes down to a lot of products, the more expensive definitely doesn’t always equal better quality. But I do think saving up every now and then for that pricier item (ahem, splurging on Benefit Blushers) is a must.

Who is your style crush?

Caroline Flack. Hands down. I think she has the most incredible style and always looks so fashionable and classy. Not to mention she has theeeee most amazing legs I’ve ever seen. Think she’ll trade me?

Do you tend to do your own thing with makeup and fashion or do you keep up with the trends in magazines and try to stick to them?

In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than someone who buys clothes/make up – anything really – just for the sole reason that it is ‘in’. You can tell straight off if they don’t feel comfortable in what they’re wearing, and I really don’t see the point. Magazines and other blogger’s posts are a great way to find inspiration for new outfits and gauge opinion on whether something is as good as you think it will be. So if you find something you love, work that into your style! But I definitely think that buying something just because some others have, is a bad idea.

What is your Holy Grail makeup product?

This has to go to my L’Oreal Telescopic False Lash Effect Mascara. I’ve spent many years searching for the mascara that would actually do what it says it does, and finally I’ve found it! Yay!

What wouldn’t you leave the house without?

Makeup wise? Some mascara and a slick of lip gloss – makes you look alive even when you’re dead! But in my bag, definitely my phone. If I forget that I feel like I’ve forgotten a limb.

Who is your favourite blogger? Why do you love them?

At the moment, it has to be Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. She has such a happy positive attitude and when your feeling a little down, her posts and You Tube videos guarentee you a giggle.

What are your favourite kinds of posts to read?

Without a doubt, OOTD‘s! I love seeing pics of people (I’m nosy like that) and I love to see what clothes other’s are wearing, how they style it and what they have to say about them. Always gives me inspiration!

If money was no issue, what is the one designer item of clothing or accessory you would buy?

I absolutely love watches, so I think it would have to be a rose gold Michael Korrs. But right now, I’ll make do with my River Island dupe. God Bless the High street.

If money was no issue, what makeup brand would you splurge on? What products would you get?

I would love to purchase some YSL and Chanel foundations. I’ve seen so many reviews and they really do look beautiful, but unfortunately £40 for a foundation is just not happening right now. Perhaps when the student loan comes in…

Thanks Nicola for taking part! For a nosey so and so like me, it’s great to find out some new information on the people behind the blogs!  Please go and check out her blog (here) and follow her on Twitter! (Maybe give me a follow while you’re at it!)

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