Blogger Focus | Georgia from Ramblings of Geo

Georgia is the face behind the blog rambling of geo! She’s been to Japan a lot (lucky!) and she thinks of her blog as her journal! Learn more about her here!

What’s your name? 


How old are you?

25 as of 11th July!

I’m a little nosy and always love to know a random fact about please, tell us on? 

Random fact about me… I’ve been to Japan 6 times, and flew there on my own from the age of 12 to see my dad.

What is your blog centered around?

My life, its like my Journal.

Why did you decided to get into blogging?

To document my life, and to make it easier for my dad who lives in Japan to see my goings on and photos.

What is your favorite part of blogging?

I love writing up posts about fun things i’ve done, it helps me re-live the memory.

And what is your least favorite part?

Getting writers block and not knowing what to post about.

Is there anything you would change about your blog if you could?

More variety as I’ve blogged a lot about beauty lately, I want to blog more about days out, and fashion.

Do you tend to save for higher end brands and designs or buy a few more items from drugstore brands and high street stores?

I always buy high street, drugstore brands Like Collection 2000 Hot looks nail varnish, or Boots no.17 make up, and I’m loving MUA eyeshadow Palettes at the moment. The most expensive cosmetics I own are my soap and Glory products.

Who is your style crush? Who do you look to for fashion style and makeup ideas? 

I don’t look at celebs really, I always like what Lily Allen wore, and I prefer the more Quirkier styles, as for Make up i watch a lot of youtube videos like Missglamorazzi & Fleur de force so they inspire me for make up ideas.

Do you tend to do your own thing with makeup and fashion or do you keep up with the trends in magazines and try to stick to them?

I do my own thing, i see something i like in magazines like Reveal or Closer as their fashion pages are more high street clothing which is what i like.  I just buy individual items i like, and put outfits together.

What is your holy grail makeup product?

Soap and Glory Kick ass concealer!

What wouldn’t you leave the house without?

My mobile phone, its practically glued to my hand.

Who is your favorite blogger?

John & Sherry from

Why do you love them?

They have a blog about DIY & their life, its awesome.

What are your favorite kind of posts to read?

Lifestyle, DIY & Beauty or craft, and I love Hauls!

If money was no issue,what is the one designer item of clothing or accessory you would buy?

Irregular choice Shoes and Bags in every colour and style possible! i LOVE them so much!

If money was no issue,what makeup brand would you splurge on? What products would you get? 

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvert Lipstick in La Rafinee, and Chanel, other than the odd Chanel lipstick im not a sucker for expensive cosmetics, i believe that the expensive ones do just the same as the cheaper brands.. sometimes the cheaper ones are better!


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