Jean Jargon | The Yoke


I had to educate myself on this one because I didn’t have a clue what this was. It’s actually the cut above the pockets, and it determines the bum lift.

Looking for a fuller bum? Try jeans with an inverted arc.

Looking to widen your waist? Try a horizontal yoke. It’s not great if you want to show of your curves thought.

Got a small bum? Want to enhance it? Ty a sweet heart yoke.

Want one yoke to fit all? Try jeans with a v shape. This is most widely used yoke shape and fits all jeans.

Want that dude style? Like jeans falling down, but without the undies showing? Try something like an extra wide yoke. The wide cut is used to create the illusion, and the pocket placement (below the bum) helps the illusions as well.

Large bum? Try jeans without a yoke, and seamed pockets. It’s conservative and if your jeans fit properly it can work really well.


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