Top 10 Youtubers

Whilst writing this post, I fear it may be a little redundant. I’m a small blog, and I know this, so me sharing so of my favourite youtubers may be a little silly because they are all huge and I’m sure you all know them. So, the only reason this post if going live is because I’m going to view it as a favourites, rather than recommendation like it started out as! It was meant to be eight, but I couldn’t narrow it down! So, here is my top 10 youtubers!

They aren’t all beauty/fashion people, but without a further or do let’s commence!

Fleur De Force

Fleur was one of the first youtubers I ever watched, and is probably one of the most popular British beauty youtuber. She makes great videos, and vlogs amazingly too. She’s just started a new channel since becoming engaged! I’ve left all her links below and if you don’t watch her I highly suggest you do!

Joey Graceffa

I love Joey! If I ever have a bad day, and just want to watch some great videos about everyday things I always find myself on his channel. He vlogs every single day, and always manages to keep it fresh and interesting. I would highly recommend this guy to anyone who wants some great videos to watch.

Super Beauty Nerd

This channel isn’t as big as it should be. Super Beauty Nerd has a great following, and she makes brilliant videos. The videos are a little sporadic but they are great quality, and they aren’t insanely long like some can be. Defiantly a channel worth checking out!

Hey Brittney

I must admit that this channel was a late find of mine, but I’m now a loyal follower. For some reason, Brittney reminds me of my friend Amy and that makes me love the channel that much more. She makes great videos, and now runs WinterSpringPro alone (Sad face).

Indie Queen Maz

This is a great channel. It had great videos that are uploaded in good time. They are real and honest and just all round I love watching this girls videos. It is a beauty/fashion based channel, so for honest opinions of all that good stuff check her out.

Luke Conard

I found this channel through MissGlamorazzi. I’m sure if you watch her, you know who this guy is. Luke is a musician that makes great music based around things like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, but also does amazing original music and good covers. He vlogs A LOT to so you should check out his vlog and main channels if you haven’t already.

Dolly Bow Bow

I’m sure Dolly Bow Bow needs no introduction. I love everything about this channel. It has a great combination of videos (beauty and fashion) and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She also has a blog and a great online store that I would recommend as well.

Essie Button

This is a new discovery and I have no idea how I didn’t find this any sooner. I don’t even know what to day, but her channel and blog are AMAZING!


This is a great beauty channel. It has a great combination of videos from favourites to tutorials. Also, if you have watched this channel you’ll know that Zoe is great friends with Sprinkle of Glitter (aka Louise). The videos that these two do together have me in the biggest fits of laughter!

Sprinkle of Glitter

This channel is great for those looking for a bit of everything. Whilst it is mainly focused on beauty, there are great videos like “Being happy” thrown in there to make you really want to smile. As I said before, the videos that she makes with Zoe are videos I’ll go to when I just need a good old laugh. They are brilliant together, and clearly brilliant friends.

Do you watch any of these guys? Who are your favourite youtubers?


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