Review | Montagne Jeunesse Orange Oil Hair Mask*

I was recently lucky enough to get the opportunity to try an Orange Oil Hair Mask, courtesy of BBloggerUnite. I saved it for a night where I could really pamper myself and had time to let it do its job. I used it the other night and I have to say really like it. Here’s why:

The Scent

I absolutely adore the scent of this product. If you are a fan of the Satsuma scent from The Body Shop then you will like this. It’s almost identical! Whilst it didn’t last two long in my hair after I’d washed it out, it was lovely whilst you were using it and for the little while that it did linger.

The Consistency

I feel strange putting this here, because its generally not something I really consider good or bad with a product but I love the consistency of this mask. I have tried many masks for my seriously dry and damaged hair, and I find that the thicker the mask the better. This is a really thick mask, and it just feels like it would do good before you even put it on.

The Effect

I left this on for about 15-20 minutes, and just washed it out like any other conditioner. After, before my hair had even dried, I could tell this had done my hair some good. It felt soft and smooth, and it pretty much stayed that way until the next time I washed it. My hair dried with less frizz and messiness than normal, without the use of leave in conditioners or anything like that.

There are a few downsides, as with any products. Here’s what I found not so good:

The Size

I’m not entirely sure if you can buy this product in a tube, but the sachet I got was just not big enough. I should say that I have really long, and extremely thick hair, but the sachet only covered about half of my hair. Luckily I applied it from the ends up so the most damaged part of my hair got the goodness of it, but I think I would choose something bigger like a larger sachet or a bottle of conditioner (even for one use) to ensure it went all over my hair.

The Washing Out Time

It seemed to take forever to wash this out of my hair. It seems strange to write that because I never really count how long it takes to wash something out of my hair, but it just felt like this stuck in my hair longer than anything else normally does.

Have your tried this? Do you like it?

PS Sorry there are no pictures, my computer will not let me put them in!


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