7 Things for 7 Days

I’m sure you’ve all seen posts like this around the blogosphere! Sprinkle of Glitter, or the gorgeous Louise, has this amazing interactive post and I’m joining in!

So essentially it’s a motivational post about things you need to better at! Here are my 7 things for 7 days

  • Read

I adore reading, but I’m letting myself down on that front at the moment. When I finished Uni for the summer, I decided to give reading a little break and told myself that I would get through all the books that I have piled up on my shelf. So far, that hasn’t happen and I have one month before I go back to Uni. I will read more! I will! I’m starting with Water For Elephants and then I move on the the

  • Relax/Unwind

I am the first to admit that I’m not the most busy person at the moment. I do have a job, but it’s only part time. I have tried and tried to find something full time for the summer but there is just nothing going. It’s given me a lot of time to blog and I love that and one might think that it would give me time to just relax and unwind but it really hasn’t. I haven’t really had just one moment where I’ve sat down, had a bath or something relaxing and just not worried about one thing or any another. So, I am determined to not worry for a little while this month (at some point in time)

  • Cook/Eat Well

I’m a but naughty when it comes to things like this. I’m an extremely fussy eater, and I tend to stick to the same few things that I like to eat. None of them are amazingly healthy and I know I need to change this. So, my mission is to cook more and ensure these things are good for me. I won’t call it a diet because I’m not going to be strict about it and I hate that word with a passion, but it’s an attempt to make myself healthier and maybe loose a little weight in the process.

  • Blog

I love blogging! I’ve only been doing this for a few months and have no plans to turn back. I have so many things planned for my blog, and I just need to put them into action. I was thinking something along the lines of a twitter hashtag chat for us all to communicate, interactive posts and a I have a long lists of posts planned. I plan my posts on paper, so it’s just a case of writing them up and putting them out there for you guys. I’m also working on a schedule so things are reliable and more organise!

  • Tidy/Organise

I’m a messy person. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit of a disaster when it comes to keep things tidy and organised. I’m defiantly more of a lover of chaos because I know where everything is, but I know I need to be more tidy and organised. I’m moving out in September to live in Uni halls, and I cannot be a mess there. I have made an attempt to start this at home, but I’m making more of an effort from now on! I’ve started with my makeup collection, and soon it will be my closet/wardrobe and the hopefully my life.

  • Learn

I miss learning. I’m one of those people that is a total geek, and I never would dream of denying it. I like being a geek. That’s kind of my place in my social group. I would be the geek or the sarcastic one that not many people really get. I have been of Uni since the beginning of May and I miss learning new things. So, I’ve decided to teach myself things. I’m going to try and learn some new things to improve my blog!

  • Film

I have just started a YouTube Channel if you didn’t know, and I’m raring to go! I’m a little nervous every time I put up a video but I love it so far! I have so many ideas for the channel, and I have filmed some bits already but my mission to get them all edited, and ready to go up for you all.

 Have you done a post like this? Link it below so I can check it out 🙂



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