Glam Shine Lipgloss

I have two shades one is the blush formula and it’s called 157 Rosewood Blush. The second is a crystal formula in the shade 112 Sapphire Strass.

The Rosewood Blush shade is a lovely nude colour that has shimmer running through it. I wouldn’t wear this over a lipstick but if I had to I would say it would look great over MAC Hue or Topshop Nevada. It’s super pigmented so it looks great alone which is how I wear this. I think this is my favourite out of the two, partly because of the colour but also there is something about the formula of this one that feels better on the lips that the other crystal one that I have.

The Sapphire Strass shade is a blue toned, glittery pink. It’s nicely pigmented but I would say this is a gloss that needs a lipstick underneath it. The glitter is fine enough that you can’t really feel it so if glitter bothers you I wouldn’t say this gloss would be a problem for you.

I love the wands on these glosses. I suppose you would have to classify them and doe t wands but they are almost heart shaped and make it easy to get a good coverage over all your lips with one easy sweep.

I would have pictures and swatches but for some reason I cannot add them to this post. I don’t know what’s going on to be honest. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.

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