Rouge Caresse Lipsticks


I do like these, I will put that out there. I originally picked these up to get some nice pastel lipsticks for the spring summer time, and I guess you could say they are good for that.

They aren’t the most pigmented shades ever, in fact the shade fashionista Pink has little to no pigmentation what so ever. If you go over it a number of times you get a little bit of light pink but to much. the two other shades I have though are nice and I like them.


They have just the right pigmentation for me because if my lipsticks are to pigmented they look silly on me. I have the nude shade and another pink called rose something or other (of you couldn’t tell I don’t have the lipsticks with me as I write this post)

The due shade is by far the best. It’s a great nude and it’s not drying the lips. It’s not to dark or to light, being in mind that I have a very fair skin tone.


The rose colour is a beautiful pink and whilst I won’t get as much wear out of it as the nude colour but it’s a good colour and for more special occasions I will defiantly reach for this.


Here a the swatches. You cannot see the fashionista pink colour but the other two you can see quite well.


Generally these are good. Alright pigmentation and they do not dry out your lips. If anything they are moisturising and I wouldnt say you won’t need a gloss with them.

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