Colour Tattoo Review

the packaging

The packing of these cream shadows is vey similar to that of MAC paint points and Benefit Creaseless cream shadows. The black lid is plastic and the container is made of glass. The edges are more sharp than MAC paint pots. It’s definitely good quality packaging for something that I believe will cost £4 when they are available in the UK. For the amount of product you get there packaging is rather large. There is about a cm of glass at the bottom of the pot after the product has finished.

the price

The price is excellent for what you get. As I stated above I believe these will be £4 when they are released in the UK drugstores. That is a big difference from the prices you would pay at MAC and Benefit.

the pigmentation
I have two colours. Those being tough as taupe and The bronze shade (brain fart! I cannot remember the name of this one and I don’t have it with me. They are both really pigmented! The shimmery bronze shade is more so than the matte taupe but they are still very well formulated.

the product

You get 4g of product with these Maybeline color tattoo shadows. The consistency is very similar to the mac paint pots and the pigmentation is defiantly just as good. I have only tried two colours so I can only comment on those two personally but I defiantly will try more when they are more easily available here in the UK. I couldn’t compare these to benefit Creaseless cream shadows because I haven’t tried them.


I like them! A lot! They are good quality and a reasonable price and I would try more colours. I wouldn’t try another matte shade, simply because I’m not a fan of matte shades but I would try any with shimmer.




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