Eyeliner Pencils

I don’t know if you know but I’m am obsessed with MUA makeup. It’s great quality stuff for an amazing price. My recent love from their range is their eyeliner pencils that are only £1.

Now, they offer 2 types of pencils. Intense colour and intense glitter pencils. They offer a big range of colour and here a the ones that I have:

Intense colour – Turquoise
Intense colour – Royal Blue
Intense colour – Forest Green
Intense colour – Snow White
Intense glitter – Malt Chocolate
Intense glitter – Gold Nugget



They are great quality. They are all very pigmented for the price you pay. I have to say the best colours I have found are the gold nugget and the forest green shades. They are both pigmented and I feel like I could wear them every day, where as some of the both colours are a little brighter and are more for special occasions.

I would say that the worst colour is the snow white shade. Its not as pigmented as the rest of the shades and I only really got it for use on the water line and it doesn’t show up on the water line at all.

as much as it doesn’t look all that special the sharpeners in the lid are handy and they do what they say they do (sharpen the pencils).

I would get more of these, in fact I think I will get more of these because they are so worth it!

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