Professional Dusk Til Dawn Palette


MUA Dusk Til Dawn Palette Review


Here comes another MUA review, this time of the Professional palette called Dusk Til Dawn. This palette has a lot of shades that you could create the most beautiful smoky eyes with. I would defiantly say this a night time palette as most of the shades are darker and less neutral. There are a range of colours, and a random green plonked in there amongst the silver, browns and dark shades. There are two lovely light highlight colours, once white and once a more creamy colour. The two pinks are muted pinks and are almost ‘dusty’ colours. All the colours in this palette are pearl finish and I think that perhaps it might be a bit more wearable if some of the colours were matte.


The quality doesn’t differ for all the other MUA shadows, in single or palette form and it’s most defiantly worth the money if you like a classic smoky eye. Check out the swatches of my three fave colours in this palette below.


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