Professional Glamour Days Palette


MUA Glamour Days Palette


This is one of the palettes that MUA offer up in their Professional line for just £4! Yes it’s only 4 pounds. The quality is amazing. If you have ever tried one of MUA £1 shadows, the quality is just the same in these palette. This one, I believe, is one of the most recent additions to their collection, along with the Glamour Days palette. The shadows are a little soft so you have to take a light hand with them but the colour pay off is so amazing that it doesn’t matter that you have to take a light hand.

There are 12 shadows in the palette and it defiantly offers a wide range of colours. It ranges from a very vibrant matte red, to a matte white, to a gorgeous shimmery silver. I wouldn’t use some of these colours on my eyes, even at night with a more dramatic look. The red is far to much for my eyes, but some people could make it work for them, I’m sure.


The matte shadows in this palette are less pigmented than the shimmer or pearly finish ones but you can build them up and make them work. I would have to say that my favourite colours in the palette are pearl finish and they would be the silver, the brown and the yellow gold. The brown does hold some obvious glitter but it’s not scatchy when you use it and it doesn’t look like you have a disco ball on your eye when you wear it. The others hold less obvious glitter and shimmer.


Over all I would have to say this is soooo worth the money, even if I wouldn’t use all the colours. I like that the palette is easily stackable. The packaging is a little cheap, and when I first brought it, it was a struggle to get in it, but it has loosened up a bit so it’s easier now.

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