Professional Out There! Plumpling Lip Gloss

I only have one shade of this but I think the shade is rather irrelevant for this review. I wanted to find a plumping lipgloss that didn’t actually hurt my lips. I don’t have particularly sensitive lips or anything like that but the plumping glosses that I have tried all seem to feel like they are burning my lips. I know that these glosses are meant to tingle or sting slightly but the ones that I have tried have gone far beyond a little sting and I find it hard to keep the product on my lips.

This gloss does sting your lips, but I can’t really say I see any plumping effects. I suppose it does so something but it’s nothing that you can see yourself. I can stand this on my lips, so I guess that’s a pro. It doesn’t hurt so much that you want to take it off but you can most defiantly feel the effects.

The colour: I have the shade Candy Pink, and it’s a nice colour. It’s a light pink and its pigmented enough that you can wear it alone but I think it looks great over lipstick. I wear it over Topshop Innocent to lighten up that colour and it looks gorgeous.


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