Professional POP-Tastic Palette

This palette is insane! It’s not for everyone but if you like colour and bold tones, this is amazing! Love it!


The palette consists on 12 Eyeshadows and only cost £4! The shadows are amazing quality and come in an amazing range of bright colours.

eyeshadow roundup

There are:

-4 blues
One of these is matte. There are a two gorgeous light blue shades, one of which is matte. The other two are darker colours. One being a medium blue, and the last being a beautiful navy blue.


-2 purples
One is a lovely matte purple, and the second is a pearl, more bluey purple.


-2 pinks
One is a lovely light pink, and the other is a more red pink. They are both amazingly bright and vibrant.


-2 yellow
Technically only one is yellow, and it’s a great in between a bright yellow and pastel yellow. The other is a gold colour, but it’s a very yellow gold so i put it in this category.


-2 greens
One is a more turquoise, blue green and the other is a lovely almost sea like green. Both lovely colours.


There are:
-2 matte shades
The first matte shade is purple and the other is a nice light blue.

-10 ‘pearl’ shades
These are the most pigmented and the best shadows in the palette. The mattes are nice but these colours are amazing!

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