Lip Butters

I LOVE these! I have to put that out there. It’s not really a surprise, I’m not sure anyone can dislike them. They are super moisturizing, super pigmented and just brilliant all around.

I have four shades at the moment, but when I can find them in store rather than online I will be getting more. At the moment I have 096 Macaroon, 055 Cupcake, 001 Pink Truffle, and 090 Sweet Tart.

I was kind of worried about buying these online because I couldn’t see the colours for myself but I just thought screw it and brought what I thought would look good. I have to have they are great shades. I think I was just lucky because the shades are nothing like the swatches on the Boots website but I don’t care and I kind of expected them to differ from the image I had in my head.

No weird smells and tastes! I like this because so many lipsticks, balms or glosses have weird smells. Most of the time that puts me off because it’s right under my nose and I just don’t want to smell something nasty all day.

So, if I am correct, this shade is a UK exclusive. It’s a muted red/pink colour making it good for both days and nights. It has a beautiful gold shimmer running through it which is gorgeous. It’s not overpowering but just gives it that little something extra.

This a super light pink shade, and probably the least pigmented of the four I have at the moment. It’s a cream shade, meaning there is no shimmer in it. I like this but I don’t think it’ll be my most worn shade just because I prefer the slightly dark shades on my lips.

Pink Truffle:
This pinkish, brown colour and great for everyday use. It looks nice on the lips and if you’re scared of colour this is great. It gives you a bit of colour but it’s not too bright. It has some shimmer running through it but like Macaroon its subtle shimmer and just adds a little something o the colour.

Sweet Tart:
This is by far my favourite of the four I have. It’s the BEST colour ever! I love it! It’s a great bright pink shade, almost fuchsia pink. It’s not too bright that means you cannot wear it every day but it’s just bright enough to be a nice colourful lip colour.

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