Pout Paints


Sleek Pout Paint


I have 3 colours of the Sleek Pout Paints that are offered online or in Superdrug stores. I have:

Milkshake, which is a coraly pink colour

Cloud 9, which is a pure white colour

Rosette, which is a bright, almost fuchsia, pink colour


I originally brought these because I’d always wanted to try OCC Lip tar, but wasn’t sure if I could get them in the UK. I can’t make any comparisons in quality between the OCC Liptars because I haven’t tried them, but I can say that the packaging of the Sleek Pout Polish is better because of the dispenser. Check out a video XSparkage did on the comparison on the two for a better comparison.

I can give you an idea of how these are though. I have used these once and I won’t be using them again. Not because they are not great quality or anything like that. If you have the patience for them they are brilliant but I just can’t be asked with all the hassle.

It takes mixing to get a good colour, and you need to use a brush because it’s like the most impossible stuff to get off your hands.

The colours are super intense and you need the smallest bit to go over your entire lips, which is good I suppose. I just think that, for the colours I would use in the range, that I could get them in a simple gloss of lipstick form.

You can see the swatches here. The amount you can see here would probably go over about 6 peoples lips and it’s one hell of a job to get it off your hand without any staining.


Overall, not that impressed but I’m glad I tried them.

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