Eye Gotta! The Annie Collection


The Annie Collection


The Annie Collection from Benefit is beautiful. It contains 3 shadows, one of which I sadly broke when I stupidly dropped the box. They are by soft shadows and break easier than I’d like but that doesn’t take away from the nice frosty finish the shadows leave. They are called spiced, purple haze and canopy. The brown (the one I broke) is a lovely mid tone brown, maybe compatible to Patina from MAC, just darker. The purple is a lovely colour to but much less wearable than I expected. It’s got a fuchsia like tint that makes it that shade to bright for my king but maybe on a night out, it would be wearable. The green is gorgeous and I think with a mix of browns it could create a beautiful eye look. It’s clearly green but not to bright that you can’t wear it everyday.



The two cream shadows that you get in the set are called flashed and foiled. One is a light shimmery brown colour, the other and yellows colour, also with shimmer. They are lovely but not the most pigmented. Good bases but I wouldn’t use them for more than that simply because they aren’t that pigmented.



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