I recently picked up a MAC eyeshadow in Espresso. It’s a matte dark brown.
I must say I’m unimpressed. I do not like this shadow at all. Its not that pigmented, it’s hard to work with and if you make a mistake you cannot fix it at all.


The pigmentation:
With most of my MAC shadows, just a quick swipe with my finger gets me a good swatch but this shadow takes some serious work to get some colour pay off. It’s even worse using a brush. This swatch here took a lot of effort!


Hard to work with:
you have to rally work to pick up enough colour and you can not blend it well.

No fixing it:
it’s so hard to fix a mistake you make with this shadow. If you do manage to pick up enough to use it, if you go wrong it’s so hard to blend out.

If I had to use it it would not be if I was desperate! I will be getting rid ASAP! Make up alley swap is calling my name with regards to this shadow!

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