Eyeshadow Finishes

MAC offer a range of finishes in there eyeshadows, some are very self-explanatory but some don’t really let you know what they are going to look like. So, if you want to know the difference between velvet and frost, read on! I have a quick idea next to the name and the paragraphs underneath the names have more description. Check out my My MAC guide: Lipstick finishes.

Frost: Frost, light reflective shadows

These shadows have really fine glitter running through them that individually reflect the light creating a lovely shiny look on the skin. These shades are generally less pigmented than others but they are buildable (the frost effect does build up to thought. These are great if you want a subtle eye colour.

Examples of these shades include: Phloof! and Romp

Lustre: Shimmery, pearlised shadows

These shadows have ultra-fine shimmer running through them. When applied, these shadows do have a frosty look to them, but it’s no to overwhelming so they are still a great choice. If you are looking for an office/work look, these probably wouldn’t be the best option but they are beautiful all the same and if you want a great night look or a daring work/day look these are great. These are the most light reflective of the MAC shadows, but don’t be put off by the shimmer in them they are still really smooth shadows.

Examples of this finish include: Retrospeck and Swimming

Matte: No shimmer. No glitter. Just Colour

These are meant to be high intensity colours with no shine, glitter or shimmer. To some extent that is true. These don’t have any trace of shine, but the colour intensity isn’t as great as I would like. They are buildable, but they are hard to correct when it goes wrong and they don’t have the payoff of finishes like satin and veluxe. They really are just colour, and if you dislike shine and glitter these are the way forward.

Example of this finish include: Carbon and Yogurt

Matte2: A Matte finish, but a little more silky on the lid.

These shadows are essentially the same as Matte finish shadows, but just that bit more silky and intense. If you like matte eyeshadows, or hate shimmer and shine. These are great. I would choose this finish over the matte, just because they are that but more silky and smooth.

Example of this finish include: BlancType and Fig1

Satin: A satin shadow, with a lovely subtle sheen.

These shadows have a great combination of sheen and colour intensity. They are beautifully pigmented shadows, and the sheen they leave on the skin isn’t to shimmery or glittery but isn’t as intense as matte shadows. The sheen makes the shadow reflect light as a whole, rather than individually like frost shadows. These are more suitable for everyday wear, as opposed to finishes like frost and lustre.

Examples of this include: Brule and Brun

Veluxe: A matte effect shadow that is super-finely milled.

These shadows are lovely. They are really fine shadows, with lovely soft colours. There are similar to other matte finishes that MAC offer, but out of the three matte finishes they offer I would choose this one. These shadows are soft and smooth, and there really isn’t much more to say about them.

Examples of this includes: Kid and Brown Down

Veluxe Pearl: Veluxe shadows, with a lovely pearl sheen running through it

These are beautiful shadows. They are not as intense as matte colours, but they aren’t to shimmery that they scare you away from them. They are essentially Veluxe shadows with a metallic shimmer running through them. While these shadows are insanely smooth, they won’t give the most vibrant look like other finishes.

Examples include: Twinks and All That Glitters

Velvet: A highly pigmented colour, with a soft finish.

Imagine the fabric velvet in an eyeshadow, and that essentially what you have with this finish. They finish is gorgeous, but they are slightly more muted than the other finishes. The colour is much more muted on the skin than in the pan, and you should keep that in mind when you purchase a colour. The formulation is incredibly soft and not the most buildable colour, but if you like a muted look they are for you.

Examples include: Smut and Trax

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