Lipstick Finishes

MAC offer a range of finishes in there lipsticks, some are very self-explanatory but some don’t really let you know what they are going to look like. So, if you want to know the difference between amplified and frost, read on! I have a quick idea next to the name and the paragraphs underneath the names have more description. Check out my Eyeshadow finish guide (It’s the post before this one).

Amplified and Amplified Creme: Soft, creamy and insanely pigmented.

These are brilliant lipsticks and my favourite. They are soft and creamy, and highly pigmented. They have a nice sheen on the lips, and while they don’t last as long as some of the other, they still have reasonable staying power and cover the lips fully. Examples of Amplified Crème are Blankety and Saint Germain and Amplified examples include  Reel Sexy and Watch Me Simmer.

Cremesheen: A creamy lippy with a soft shine

With this finish, the name says it all. This has a lovely soft sheen to in, and it’s super creamy. They have a nice colour pay off, and they fully cover the lips. If you have highly pigmented lips, these would be good for you because the lighter colours would still show up, because they have a fully coverage. Examples of a cremesheen finish include Crème Cup and Cross wires.

Frost: Good colour pay off, with frosted shimmer running through it

These are lovely lipsticks, with a good pigmentation. They are not the most pigmented MAC offer, but they are still good and they have frosty shimmer running through them which makes them less drying that some of the other formulation you can get.  Some of the colours offered are sheer but they still look great. Examples of this finish include Gel and Angel

Glaze: Super Sheer and glossy

These are really sheer lipsticks. If you want something subtle for work wear or don’t like intense colour these are for you.  They have a glossy finish on the lips, but they don’t last all that long. The best way I can explain the finish is that it’s a tint more than intense colour. Examples of this finish include Hue and Pervette. I just have to say that Hue is byfar the best everyday lipstick I have, because it’s sheer and nude, which makes it perfect for every day. It’s also great if you have super intense eyes, and don’t want to play up the lips too much.

Lustre: Sheer, glossy and wet effect

These lipsticks are very similar to glaze finish lipsticks. They are very sheer and glossy, and I have to admit that it’s my least favourite of the MAC lipsticks. The glossy effect is nice, and if you don’t want super intense colour, I suppose you could like these. I just think there are better colours out there that offer the same pigmentation but last longer than these. Example of this finish include Freckletone and Plink!

Matte: No Shimmer or Shine, just colour.

These have amazing colour pay off but they do tend to be drying on the lips. Always apply a balm beforehand and use a good lip scrub so that it doesn’t sling to dead skin cells left on your lips. Examples of matte lipsticks include Ruby Woo and Kinda Sexy

Satin: Excellent colour, with a slight sheen.

These are really well pigmented, and are essentially matte in a sense. They don’t have any chunky glitter or shimmer but they do have a slight sheen to them which means that they are a little less drying than matte lipsticks. If you have drier lips and still want good colour pay off, these are the lipsticks for you. Examples of this finish include Rebel and Snob.

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