MAC offers a range of different lipsticks, and for a newbie to makeup it can be confusing to know which one if for you. So here is just a little guide to help you choose the best product for you.

Lipstick: This is a classic lipstick, there really isn’t any more to it. There are a number of different finishes within this category, which you can read about in my Lipstick finish guide here.  These lipsticks are really what made MAC famous. They give a great colour and texture to the lips, and they look great for those epic nights out or for the office.

This is what you want to get if you want:  A huge colour range, good colour pay off and a colour that has a fairly good lasting time.

Limited Edition Lipsticks: Exactly the same as regular collection lipsticks that sometimes have different packaging and offer colours that are only available for a short time.

This is what you want to get if you want:  A limited edition colour, that not everyone will have or if you are a sucker for cute packaging.

Viva Glam Lipstick: The proceeds to these lipsticks goes to help men, women and children with HIV and Aids. 1994 was the first Viva Glam lipstick launch and it was a red that appealed to all. 1997 saw the second lipstick released, and it was a lovely pink mauve colour. The third was a brown plum launched in 2000. 2002 saw the launch of Viva Glam IV, which was a lovely rose colour. In 2004 Viva Glam V appeared and was a neutral pink colour. Viva Glam VI is the newest shade and it’s a terracotta plum shade. Each Viva Glam lipstick has a lipglass in the same shade. Limited edition shades have been available like Viva Glam Gaga and Viva Glam Nicki.

This is what you want to get if you want: to be charitable. These give the great quality of a MAC lipstick with the nice feeling that you’ve done a good deed while buying your lippy.

Pro Longwear Lipcreme: This is a lightweight, creamy product that is long wearing and comfortable to wear. Unlike other long wearing lip products from MAC, there is no need for a top coat. These are meant to last about 12 hours without transferring or feathering. The colour stays true on the lips over the course of the day and it leaves the lips felling soft and hydrated.

This is what you want to get if you want: Longwearing lip colour in one quick step.

Pro Longwear Lipcolour: This product is a long wearing lip colour that you can apply in two steps. The colour base glides on and after it’s dried the gloss coat gives a nice finish to the lips. It’s soft and comfortable to wear and it won’t smudge, run, transfer or feather throughout the day.  The colour base is an intense colour, which makes if different from the Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour.

This is what you want to get if you want: Longwearing lipcolour that is super pigmented on the lips and lasts all day.

Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour: This product is a two-step application lip colour that gives a sheer to medium coverage. It’s rich, lustrous and moisturising on the lips and it doesn’t smudge, transfer or feather. This is a lot less intense than the regular long wear lip colour. The top coat gives a great glossy look and it can be brought alone.

This is what you want to get if you want: Long wearing lip colour that lasts all day but isn’t too intense or vibrant.

Mattene Lipstick: These lipsticks have a streamlined look that offer and semi matte velvet finish. The colour payoff is intense, creamy and soft. The glide on application makes it easy and it doesn’t cake or dry. It’s moisturising, matte and really wearable. Unlike matte lipsticks, these aren’t as drying which is brilliant.

This is what you want to get if you want: A matte lipstick that is moisturising and wearable.

Sheen Supreme Lipstick: This lipstick is a combination of a lipstick and lipglass (or lipgloss). You get the great colour impact of a lipstick but the gorgeous sheen of a lipglass. The formulation is lightweight and isn’t sticky. It’s a quick and easy application process because all you need is in one product and its super comfortable to wear.

This is what you want to get if you want: A quick and easy way to get a highly pigmented look with a gloss finish without having to apply two products. It’s great if you don’t want the hassle of applying two different things, or want to save that little bit of extra space in your bag.

Casual Colour: This product is a stand out in the lipsticks that MAC offers. It’s a creamy, lightweight formula that is great for the lips or the cheek. It’s creamy, blendable and gives that gorgeous barley there look that you can rock for work or with a super intense like. These are limited edition but MAC often re-promote limited edition stuff so keep an eye out for it.

This is what you want to get if you want: barley there look that can be used for more than one thing. It’s great if you want to bring a look together with a similar lip and cheek colour. This is also great for people who want to save money by buying just one product.

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