Nail Lacquer

MAC nail lacquer is a high gloss formula with three different finishes. They are all visibly different. This nail lacquer has a non-streak and non-chip finish. The polish contains conditioner and UV protection, which is all good for those nails. It’s not a bad price for £9 for 10ml.

The three finishes that MAC offers in their nail lacquer and they are Cream, Crème and Frost.


The clue is in the name. This is a creamy nail polish without shimmer or glitter but with a high-gloss finish. Shades include Dark Angel which is a dark lilac colour and Rougemarie which is a blue toned sexy red.


This is a sheer and creamy formulation. They have a brilliant shade range including colours like Morange (a bright cream orange) and Style Tip (a nude pink). This gives a sheer coverage on the nails, while still giving a pop of colour and a non-chip finish.


Like other MAC finishes, this is a nail colour that has frosted shimmer running through it. At the moment there is only one colour in this formulation and that is Nightfall which is described as nocturnal black frost.

It’s easily applied, which is always great and it’s fast drying to which is a must have in a nail polish (at least for me it is). There is a colour for all ages which means there is something for everyone, whether you just want a manicure or a pedicure as well.

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