Paints and Paint Pots

Paints and Paint Pots are great eye colours that can work alone or as a base for other shadows and liners.

Paints come in a tube, much like face paints would, and have a very neutral, skin toned colour range. Paint pots have more of a range, colourwise, and in my opinion are much better than paints.

Paint pots are £14.50 each and are highly pigmented creamy eye products that dry to an intense finish. They are long wearing and intensive colour. These pots are lightweight and do not cake. They can be used alone or mixed with a shadow or liner. They are super blendable and creamy and brilliant to work with. Some are better than others, like the formulation and colour. Paint pots have 4 finishes (cream, frost, satin and pearl).

The Cream formula is exactly what it says. They are creamy colours that are free from shimmer and glitter. A great colour in this formulation is Painterly. This is best used as a base because it’s a nude beige colour.

The Frost formulation is the same as the other frost formula from MAC. The colours are not a bright as the other formulas and they have a great frosted shimmer running through them. A great frost paint pot is Rubenesque. Rubenesque is a beautiful golden peach colour with gold shimmer running through it.

The Satin formula is very similar to the satin formula in the eyeshadow guide I created. It has a satin sheen to it which reflects as whole on the skin which looks gorgeous. Groundwork is a great example of this formula. It’s described as a mid-tone neutral taupe. I would say that it’s more like  really light brown beige colour.

The final formula is Pearl. This is a great finish, and one of my favourite. The colours have a beautiful pearly sheen to it. A gorgeous shade in this formula is Blackground.  It’s a black-grey colour with a multi-colour pearly shimmer running through it. This is great as a base, alone or as a liner.

Paints are similar to paint pots. I think these came first to be honest but they have a shocking shade range on the website. These paints go on creamy and dry to a powder finish, meaning that they are good for people with oily lids. These are high performance colours, that create an intense and textured look. The last a long time and have lovely pearly pigments running through the formula. They are blendable, easily applied and you can create anything from a sheer coverage to a full coverage look with them. Great shades in this range include Bare Canvas (a champagne colour with shimmer running through it) and Sublime Nature (and mid-toned naked beige colour). Oh, and these are £14.50 as well.

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