MAC offers pigments that are multi use products that offer three different finishes all with highly concerted colours. The powder is loose but still adheres to skin. These can be used to create a subtle wash of colour or an intense punch of colour, all over the skin. The pigments don’t cake, or streak and they are easy blend and long lasting.

The three finishes that they offer are Matte, Pearl and Frost.

Matte: Like the other matte ranges that MAC offers, this means that the pigments are shimmer and glitter free. Examples of pigments in this finish include Naked (flesh toned beige) and Neo-Orange (intense neon salmon).

Pearl: This is similar to satin and frost finishes offered up by MAC in their shadows and powders. The pigments have a beautiful pearlised shimmer running through them. Examples of pigments in this finish include Bright Fuchsia (intense pink with pearl) and grape (deep purple with small pearl particles).

Frost: Like all the other frost formula that MAC offers, this has frosted shimmer of glitter running through the intense colours. This is formulation with the best colour range and is the finish of the most popular pigment, Vanilla (ivory white). Another example of a frost pigment is violet which is a super vivid, bright violet purple colour.

These pigments can be used all of the face and body and can be combined with MAC clear gloss for application all over the place (except the eyes). They can be used on the lips, face and eyes, these pigments are great value for money. They are £16.50 a vile and totally worth it in my opinion.

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