Paint Pots: Nublie and Constructivist


MAC Paint Pots: Nubile and Construtivist


I have recently found my love for MAC paint pots. The two i have swatched here are Nubile and Constructivist.


I’ve owed nubile for a while, and I got that from Amarixe videos as a recommendation. Nubile is a gorgeous colour, and great as any eyeshadow base.
It’s a lovely light peachy colour that has a hint of frost to it. It’s most comparable to painterly paint pot but instead of being matte like painterly it does have that hint of shimmer.
I used under satin taupe envy day for my go to eye look and it’s great. It doesn’t crease in me, although not many shadows do. I got this in the “goodbyes” sects on the MAC site, and I don’t think it’s available anymore. :( it came out with the posh paradise collection in September 2011.

I got constructivist from seeing the swatches when I googled them to see the best colours it there. There was mixed reviews on the colour but I’ve found it brilliant. It’s a great colour on its own and it’s great under other shadows. Just today I used “patina” over it and it looked gorgeous.
It’s a true chocolate colour with shimmer running through it. As far as I know it’s part of the permanent collection so it should be available for all. The swatches are pretty true to colour but the shimmer doesn’t show that much. Constructivist is a lot more shimmery than the picture shows.


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