Pro Palette Reveiw

MAC Pro Palette

I must say that I’m new to the MAC train. I was quite content with my ‘drugstore’ makeup but after trying some higher end stuff I know that my bank balance is going to hate me! I’m defiantly building up my collection of MAC eyeshadows, so it just made sense to get a pro palette because then shadows are cheaper and it’s much more compact.

so I popped into the MAC store near by Carnaby Street in London and got a palette (along with some other bits but that’s for another time).

I got the 15 dip palette and two more shadows to go in it. I must say I like it. it a little less sturdy than I thought it would be and it gets super dirty because it’s all black.The eyeshadows fit perfectly, and they are sitting along my ELF elements eyeshadows that fit perfectly as well, maybe even a little better than the MAC ones.



I haven’t deported my other shadows yet and I must say I’m a little scared to do so. I don’t mind depotting the shadows that cost 1.99 like the natural collection singles from boots because it’s only 1.99 but the MAC ones are most defiantly not near the 1.99 price mark so I might leave those and just buy pro pan refill from now on.

If anyone has a full proof way of depotting without the possibility of the shadow shattering one, leave it in a comment or tweet me.

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