Lush Haul

I got a mothers day gift from lush along with three other bits. I didn’t really get the gift as a gift. I just wanted the products and the super cute tin!


But anyways these are the products that i ended up getting all in all.

Butterball bath ballistic
colour – white
smell – cocoa, vanilla, musk
helps with – the dryness you get after you get out the bath


Amandopondo bubble bar
colour – white, slightly green
smell – rose and lemon, very floral
helps with – helps you to relax


Pop in the bath bubble bar
colour – all different colours but mine is green
smell – floral. It shares the same oils as that in the olive branch shower gel. Mandarin, orange flower, bergamot oil.
helps with – I have no idea


tulip reusabubble bar
colour – peachy pink
smell – sweet scents, like chocolate orange yuzu and the cocoa bubbleroon.
helps with – I don’t know p, but it can last at least 6 baths.


Think pink bath ballistic
colour – pink obviously
smell – Tonka, vanilla and hints of neroli.
helps with – Not a clue but it h heart confetti in it.


You’ve been mangoed luxury bath melt
colour – orange
smell – citrus. Mango, orange, lime, lemongrass, avocado and cocoa butter.
helps with – Great if you want silky bath water and have dry skin.


Madame butterfly reusabubble bar
colour – Dark pink
smell – same smell as the rose jam bubbleroon. Its a Turkish delight smell with rose and lemon and geranium oils.
helps with – Not a clue!


The carrot bubble bar
colour – orange
smell – tropical, lemon, black current and bergamot oils.
helps with – Sounds like a wake up call to me!


Pink Easter egg Bath ballistic.
colour – Pink
smell – bubblegum and candy fluff.
helps with – don’t know but it’ll make your water super pink!

I used this three days ago and my bathroom still smells like it! Amazing scent and almost neon pink water! So good!


Latte lip tint
colour – A golden bronze colour.
smell – I can’t smell anything in particular but I’m sure it has a scent to it, perhaps coffee as the are coffee beans in it.
helps with – tinting your lips? Hehe



Thanks for reading

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