Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils


NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils


I love love love these pencils! They are super soft and creamy and they glide on like no tomorrow. They are gorgeously pigmented, but I do have one issue with them. If you do not have a shadow over the top they don’t stay on your eyes all that well.
These are a fabulous base for shadows, and can give shadows that extra umph they sometimes need.

I have two shades, rust and french fries. I brought them without switching them or really looking at swatches online so I just went on the crappy swatches they had on the shopping site. They were not all that true to colour so I have to say I don’t like the colour rust. It’s far t red for my liking, in the swatch I saw it was a nice slag lightly red brown, but it is far to red for my liking. I’m as pale as a shots and cannot pull of that colour on my lids at all.


I do however LOVE the shade French fries. It’s a beautiful golden brown that goes great under any brown eyeshadow. I just wish I could use it without a shadow over the top because the colour is that’s nice.

Both shades are metallic, as are most of the jumbo pencils and they can be used as a shadow base or as a liner, smudged along the lash line. Another great thing about these is the price, they are reasonably cheap for the quality you get and they are bigger and cheaper than MAC shade sticks. I can’t make a true compassion between the two because I’ve never used a mac shade stick but for the price being so much cheaper, I don’t think I will.


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