Extra Vigin Mineral Cream Compact Foundation

I picked this up when I ran out of my usually foundation and because I have a £5 of coupon at the body shop. The foundation seemed good, about a medium coverage when I tested it so I grabbed it.


The packing is good. It’s what I would expected from a compact foundation. It can be a little tough to open but if you have some nails, you can pop it open just fine. You do get a small mirror inside which is good enough for touch ups if you want to take the foundation with you.

The foundation itself is a light to medium coverage, and something that I would only recommend for dry skin. It’s creamy, but not as creamy as the tester was in the store.


It doesn’t wear to long and you do need to set it with a a powder.

Now, Compacts like this usually come with a sponge or applicator, which this one does but it’s a little strange, with compact foundation, I find that a sponge or buffing brush is a good way to apply it, but this compact comes with a brush that looks like it belongs with a blush. It doesn’t work to apply it at all and it’s completely pointless having it there because you can’t even touch up with it.



I only mention this because I can’t help but feel that this is why it’s about £16.99. I would rather pay less and not have an applicator at all.

But overall it’s a good foundation. It gives a nice even coverage, if you like something that is light to medium and it’s not drying or anything like that.

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