Lip Tint: Crystal

In a recent trip to Topshop I picked up some of their cosmetic items, one of them being a lip tint from the “sisters of the moon” collection. The shade was called crystal. Check out the pictures and swatches below. I got them in the best lighting I could and I would say that they are pretty true to real life.

the colour

This is a lipstick that turns a ‘unique’ shade according to you skin. I can’t really say if it does what it says because I’ve openly tried it on myself.

The colour isn’t all that pigmented but for the kind of colour that it is (bright glittery pink) I’m glad that it’s not that pigmented. Even thought its not that pigmented it gives a lovely colour to the lips and the glitter in it doesn’t overpower the colour of look to glittery on the lips.

the packaging

I like the packaging on this as it differs from the usual packaging (cream and charcoal). It is silver and black. It is slightly more flimsy feeling that the other packaging style but it’s still pretty sturdy and looks nice.

the price

I think, if I remember correctly, this was £9. It’s slightly more expensive than your average drug store lipstick but I’m not entirely sure I would class this brand as drug store. It’s a nice place between drug store and the higher end stuff.




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