Lipsticks: Innocent and Nevada

I love love love these lipsticks from Topshop. They are two of only a few lipsticks I can wear and they actually look good. They both don’t have any shimmer running through them and they most certainly do not dry out your lips at all. They don’t wear for the longest time, but I’m okay with that. The two shades that I picked up were Nevada which is the nudist of nudes in my opinion. I apply it lightly because it does have the potential to look like you have plastered concealer all over your lips. it’s great withe a nude or clear gloss over the top. I also picked up innocent which is a pink shade. this is my favourite of the two. It just give my lips that something extra without looking to over the top. I wear this with a. Clear gloss of no gloss at all and it looks great either way.

They are nicely pigmented, and are buildable so you can have a nice natural look or a more dramatic look on the lips.

Take a look at the swatches below to see what they look like.





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