Topshop Makeup Review

I recently went in to the Topshop on Oxford Street and checked out some of the make up at they have to off there. I’ve never really had the opportunity to see what they offer before because the Topshop where I live is inside another department like store and doesn’t offer anything other than clothes. If I remember correctly they had lipsticks, cream blushes, mascara and some liners. Oh and a huge selection of nail polish (which is of no use to me because I bite my nails so bad). The shade ranges weren’t huge but the shades they did offer were nice.

I picked up 4 items from there and I’ll do a review on each of those individually but my first impressions were good. Some of the testers were a little messy or had run out so it was a bit messy to swatch but other than that it was easy to find what I wanted. Everything was well stocked and the labels were very clear.

the price
I think the price is very reasonably, and not much more than you would pay in the drug store. The cream blush was only £6 which I thought was very good. The lipstick were £8 which really isn’t that expensive and the lip tint that i got was £9. I would say that’s fairly reasonable.

the packaging
I like the packaging it comes in. They are all in boxes which is better than typical drug store makeup and then the packing inside is nice. It’s slightly more original that other cosmetic lines. The Two lipsticks I picked up are in a lovely cream casing (that’s metal) and the detailing on it is in a charcoal grey colour. My only issue with the cream colour is that It gets dirty very easily.
The cream blush in the same colours as the two lipsticks. I like that they put a mirror in side the compact and it’s nice a big to. The lip tint I picked up, I think, is part of their spring line and is packaged differently. The box that it come in for one was different. The other things were in a black box but this was in a light pink box and the actual casing is silver and black.
I like the tint casing better because I think it wouldn’t get dirty as easily and the texture of the outer packing makes me think that if it was to get dirty it would be easy to clean. The outer packing of the core collection things has a slight grainy texture that makes me think dirt could stick to it something rotten.

the quality
From what I swatched in the store the products are of a really good quality. Everything that I tried had a good pigmentation and a good feel to it. Te lip sticks didn’t seem all that drying and the cream blushes felt really blendable.

Overall I like the range and would try more!



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