Lipstick Haul

Sooo, I went a bit crazy! Well a lot crazy. I walked into boots and saw that they had Revlon Lip butters in store and they were on 3 for 2 so I got some! Oppps! It wasn’t cheap and I have way more than I need but I’ll use the excuse that it was a treat to me.

So, I’ll get into it!

The lip butters I got are:


From left to right the shades are:

Berry Smoothie, Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, Creme Brûlée, Sugar Frosting, Candy Apple, Tutti Frutti and Cotton Candy.

I have swatched them and they are pretty true to colour in the picture so It should give you some idea about what shades you’d like.

In the first picture we have swatches of berry smoothie, strawberry shortcake, peach parfait and Creme brûlée! Thats from bottom to top.


In this picture we have the remaining colours! Sugar Frosting, Candy Apple, Tutti Frutti and Cotton Candy.


Sugar frosting cannot be seen but those shades are from top to bottom.

The best shades (in my opinion) are berry smoothie, Creme brûlée, Candy Apple and Tutti Frutti.

The worst: sugar frosting and cotton candy. They are obviously light pink colours but you cannot see them at all.

I also pick up 4 other things in boots. All lipsticks as well.

I got three from 17! One being a mirror shine lipstick in the shade beehive. This is a super sheer and shiny lipstick. Great if you just want a little colour but if you want something to really show this isnt for you. Here you can see the pics of the bullet and the swatch. The swatch has been drawn on my hand about 10 times so it would show so this is probably the most pigmented you would get it.



The other two are supreme shine lipsticks and they are in the bold shades, Pink
Posey and Hot Flush.

Below you can see the pics for the bullets and the swatches. pink posey is a lovely purpley pink shade and hot flush is a brilliant bright red.




And finally I picked up a dainty doll lipstick in material world. dainty doll is the cosmetics line from Nicola Roberts (the ginger one in girls aloud)



Expect reviews on these soon! Well maybe not the lip butters because I’ve reviewed these already. Go check it out!! Just search is in the search bar at the side!

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